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Feeling Engaged-Thanks George

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George Mosley posted the following in the Employee Engagement Network’s  discussion forum. So many relevant points that it deserves reproducing here, followed by my reply.

Feeling Engaged

A while back, following the annual employee satisfaction survey, it struck me that conversations in our workplace were almost always focused on “why aren’t we engaged”. So, a few of us got together and talked about “why we are engaged”. We found we had the following feelings and attitudes in common.

  1. I enjoy what I do
    – The work I’m doing is interesting and challenging
    – I feel the work I do contributes to the success of the organisation
    – I feel that my expertise and talents are well matched to what I do
  2. I’m self-motivated
    – My self-motivation is acknowledged and honoured
  3. I’m curious about and aware of the various corporate activities and initiatives
  4. I’m interested in making a difference
  5. I feel my creative side is encouraged and supported
  6. I’m happy with my manager(s)
    – Supportive without getting in my way
    – Trust me to know what I’m doing and to know what needs to be done
    – Good behaviour model (an engaged manager –> engaged employees)
    – Comfortable social relationship
  7. I feel my input is welcomed by the corporation
  8. I’ve been happy with my growth and advancement opportunities

Our hope was that others might recognize their own feelings and attitudes (or absence thereof) in the list and find a starting point for personal change.

(my reply)

George, just a quick count…it appears there are about 38 key points embedded in you post! Not enough time to highlight all of them, so here’s just a few that jumped out at me.

  • The list is top-heavy on “feelings” and conspicuously excludes “things”.
  • It’s clear by the comments that engagement is highly personal as it is nurtured by individual values, or drivers, or whatever you want to call the stuff that makes each of us who we are and defines what we really, really need to succeed.
  • To be fully engaged people need to be given a personal reason to feel vested in their company.
  • This strengths-based leadership stuff has something to it!
  • Surveys, while they are dogged quite a bit for good reason, do have a secondary value-adding purpose: they spur dialog around the right things. If this stuff is water-cooler chatter at your company, George, it must be a pretty cool place to work!

Last…data is dandy, but anecdotal evidence often points to the really relevant stuff—the story behind the numbers. While comments take much longer to sift through and analyze, and the Board prefers black and white is / isn’t numbers, the effort is well worth it!

George, those comments you listed represent critical elements that are essential to engineering an environment that is capable of sustaining this weird life form we call high engagement. Develop a strategy focused on establishing those elements, and life is Good!


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November 17, 2012 at 10:54 pm

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